Tim Spooner


Extractor Space

Saturday 2 April 2016, 6-9 pm
Artist in residence at the Extractor Space, April 2016


25.09.15 – 04.10.15
Private View: Friday 25 September  6-9pm

Open: Saturday and Sunday 26, 27 Sept & 3, 4 Oct, 12-6 pm

Julia Bardsley, Andrew Poppy, Jenna Collins, Leila Galloway, Helena Goldwater, Marty Langthorne, Wayne Lucas, David MacDiarmid, Helen Rousseau, Simon Vincenzi.

Curated by Wayne Lucas

Ida detail 01

Image: Helen Rousseau, Ida (detail), Extractor Space residency, 2014

This group show brings together ten artists who have previously held, over the course of a year, residencies and solo shows in The Extractor Space. Utilising in turn the nostalgic flickering sensitivity of the filmic, the seduction of gaudy lighting, the obsessively precise, the disturbingly lurid, or the repetition of performative action, all created installations in response to the dereliction and sensibility of this old Victorian school kitchen. Whether reinventing its role, ruminating on its ruination, or allowing the unsaid to seep from its walls, the works responded to its nooks and crannies and the spectacle of the everyday.

For this show, each artist has been asked to ‘draw’, (in the widest sense of the word), generating new works by revisiting and reflecting on their own installations, tracing their experience of being in-residence. Rather than relying on a direct and immediate interaction with the site, the works will be made at a distance: to consider what could have been, what remains, what could become again, and then placed into the environment they most belong to, returning to their source.





PRIVATE VIEWS: 20 & 21 JUNE, 6 – 9 pm


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Simon Vincenzi -Artist in residence at The Extractor Space, May- June 2015



tidemill extractor

Neolithic flint or dead daddy longlegs – no matter how lifeless they appear to be – have a sort of agency: objects that connect touch with time, a kind of synesthesia of our present with the past.

By using materials such as flint, silver, pewter, wax and sound, Leila will be responding to the ‘things’ – relics – the non-human and inanimate objects that she finds or hears whilst walking the Leicestershire fields with her dog.

Leila Galloway presented work made during her two-week residency at the Extractor Space, April 2015.

More images here: Leila Galloway, The Extractor Space 2015


Supported by Fine Art and Photography Research, De Montfort University


David MacDiarmid

Research Dialogues & Making

Private view: Friday 13 March, 6 – 9pm

Show continues: Saturday 14 – Sunday 15 March, 12– 6pm

David MacDiarmid - Residency Show (1)

David MacDiarmid artist in residence at the Extractor Space, January – March 2015

During the period of the residency he will develop a new body of artwork which will draw upon research undertaken during his time there. As part of this investigation, he will share and explore practice methodologies with the team at Spinach, a London-based qualitative research agency, and he will be in correspondence with other artists who will be invited to contribute to this research. The residency studio, a vacated Victorian school kitchens, will not only provide an alternative dialogue as both studio and show space, but offer exploration into site-based works. A blog will follow the progress of the residency. The residency will culminate in a show in early March 2015.



Tidemill Studio’s & Friends

Art Auction for CoolTan Arts


Raised £2755 for CoolTan Arts


Auctioneer for the evening:  MC PROFIT attended to by his four Deliriums & Pet Reindeer

MCProfit_Bardsley copy

MC Profit- Julia Bardsley

Pet Reindeer- Martin O’Brien

Red & Purple Delirium-Lauren Davies

Golden Delirium- Althea Raban

Black and White Delirium- Scarlett Lassoff

Pink and Beige Delirium-Johanne M. Hauge

Auctioneer Helper- Barry Sykes

Master of Music- Andrew Poppy

 Artists who kindly donated work:

Gill Addison/ Julia Bardsley/Aglae Bassens /Michelle Butcher/Brian Dawn Chalkley/Lucy Cash/Jenna Collins/Emma Cousin/Janet Currier/Galoutzis/Leila Galloway/Sheila Ghelani/Helena Goldwater/Lesley Hilling/Nicky Hodge/A.R. Hopwood/Freee/The Famous Lauren Barry-Holstein/Martin Langthorne/Wayne Lucas/Lady Lucy/David Macdiarmid/ Angus McInnes/Wilson McInnes/Jordan Mckenzie/Martin O’Brien/Kira O’Reilly/Kristina Page/Andrew Poopy/Helen Rousseau/Benjamin Sebastian/Gis Simge/Tim Spooner/Rebecca Stevenson/Barry Sykes/Emma Addison Thomas/ Corrina Till /Jacqueline Utley/Simon Vincenzi

CoolTan Arts believes mental well being is enhanced by the power of creativity. It’s a charity run by and for adults with mental distress.  http://www.cooltanarts.org.uk/


EXTRACTOR EAR EYE EVENT [episodes i-iii]

sketch for a new installation & performance

Julia Bardsley & Andrew Poppy with

Margaret Cameron & Guillermo Rosenthuler voices

Marty Langthorne light & Fred DeFaye sound

i.    jaray/sebald songs

ii.  Two with a Stone: Jason & medea go boating

iii.  intimate souvenirs from medea’s lab_(i)our

Friday 3rd October 2014

doors open at 7.45pm performance starts at 8pm (approx. 45mins)

followed by the installation

the installation continues on Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th October 12-5pm


TO RESERVE A TICKET EMAIL: popbardfriends@andrewpoppy.co.uk

tickets also available from the venue on 3rd Oct from 6pm

part of Deptford X www.deptfordx.org



Supported by Arts Council England


Wayne Lucas was artist in residence at The Extractor Space during August 2014.

Open: Saturday 6 September  & Sunday 7 September 2014, 12-6 pm

Intallation views (below work in progress)  Wayne Lucas at The Extractor Space, September 2014.

Text by Helena Goldwater:

Tailor made remains Wayne Lucas Extractor 2014 Text




Far From Home 

Marty Langthorne

Preview: Friday 25  July 2014,  7pm – 10pm.

Open: Saturday 26 July  2014, 12pm – 5pm.

Many to Circular Quay

The residency investigated how light and colour plays through our memories. The installation was a  a work in progress.

Almost 10 years ago I moved from Sydney to London.

On a recent trip back home, observing the place I knew so well, I began to remember. …

I remembered how distinct the sunlight is in this place and how colours are rendered, so rich and vivid and wild, it’s something felt deep within, a recognition of place, a remembered light .

Marty Langthorne 2014.

 (below: Far cry from home, installation )




Text by Marty Langthorne to accompany  the installation:
 Far From Home – freesheet


Helena Goldwater

The Extractor Space

The pleasure of small partings a performance by Helena Goldwater The Extractor Space

PV: Friday 27 June,  6-9 pm

Performance: Saturday 28 June, 11am-6pm

The pleasure of small partings is a durational performance installation, which changes throughout the day, and where Goldwater may have moments of connection with you, the audience. Divided into a series of hourly episodes, the installation will transform from spectacle to miniature over the course of 7 hours.

This performance was a work-in-progress, where Goldwater  explored the process of live making.

1 The pleasure 28 06 14 Goldwater 852

8 The pleasure 28 06 14 Goldwater 902

10 The pleasure 28 06 14 Goldwater 915



Jenna Collins artist in residence at the Extractor Space

April- May 2014

GOLDEN DUST BALLS  at Extractor Space


Friday 20  June, 6 – 9 pm

Saturday 21 by appointment

Work made during Jenna Collins studio residency at the Extractor Space presented on Friday 20 June6-9pm; this included video, sound and a new reference library  in drinking and lie detection. This is a work in progress.






Helen Rousseau artist in residence at the Extractor Space January to March 2014

Helen was the first artist to work in the Extractor Space during January to March 2014 as artist in residence. The end of the residency was marked by an event to showcase work made during the project.

Helen Rousseau


Private view Friday 4th April, 6 – 9pm

Continuing Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th April, 12 – 6pm 

Ida Extractor Space invite

Helen Rousseau website

Helen Rousseau, Ida (detail)

Helen Rousseau, Ida (detail)

Helen Rousseau, Ida (detail).

Helen Rousseau, Ida (detail).

 Helen Rousseau, Ida (detail).

Helen Rousseau, Ida (detail).


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